AlpineReach 15 x 20 Feet Koi Pond Netting Kit - 20 Steel Staples

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15 ft x 20 ft Pond & Pool Netting: Durable Fine Mesh

Our Pond & Pool Netting: Durable Fine Mesh is so tightly woven it will stop the smallest leaves from falling through the net. It passes the penny drop test and the coin will not slip through!

The dense mesh offers extra high tensile strength – suited to ward off predators from your fish. Choose AlpineReach for high quality products.

The Ideal Pond & Pool Protection Netting

• Simple to setup

• 3/8 inch Heavy Duty Mesh

• UV Protection

• Heavy Duty

• Floating Net

• 300 square feet Net

• Approx. 1 lbs Net

• Protect Fish against predators

• Designed to capture small leaves

Easy-to-use Heavy Duty Steel Staples

• 20 x Steel Ground Staples included for securing net

• Steel Staples provide reliable stake anchoring of outdoor landscaping, sod and gardening tasks

• 6 inch x 1.2 inch Multi-purpose Professional Steel Staples/Stakes

• Durable Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel

Netting Tip: When placing the net try to keep the length at 20ft or less. Stretching the net lengthwise will cause the width to go smaller than 15ft because of the diamond shaped mesh.

Note: do not use as a swimming pool safety net


Easy Setup Staples

AlpineReach Koi Pond Netting Kit Convenience Simply Unroll