AlpineReach 5 ft x 30 ft Trellis Netting

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5 ft x 30 ft Trellis Netting: Plant Vine Support

Our Trellis Netting gives you a reliable climbing structure to support your growing plants. The 6 inch square mesh is perfect for high yields of tomatoes, beans, peas, cucumbers, zucchinis, eggplants, blueberries herbs, berries and many more fruits and vegetables.

AlpineReach high quality Trellis Netting is made from braided polyester that is strong and flexibly soft and easy to use. The net is suitable for multiple purposes including indoor and outdoor uses with A-frames, scrog, horizontal and vertical upward structures. Simply cut to your desired size.

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The Ideal Trellis Support Netting

• 6 inch square grid mesh

• Optimal for high yield harvests

• UV Resistant

• Soft but durable

• Heavy Duty

• Easily cut to size

• Simple to setup

• 150 square feet net

• Protecting plants by ground elevation

• Provide better sunshine coverage for growing plants

• Suitable for use in an A-frame, scrog, horizontal and vertical upward growing

• Suitable for use indoors, outdoors and greenhouses